Who am I

My name is Minna.  I am a (self-taught) visual artist, mother of 3, energy healer and a cook and I live in Espoo Finland.

About my art:

I paint mostly intuitive art. Intuitive art is about painting without any model. Just to let the creativity  flow and trust on the result.

I have started to paint at year 2013, after participating in few water color wet painting summer courses. I got my inspiration from there.

I like to use acrylic colors and sometimes mix other painting techniques as well as different materials into my art work. 

Everything comes from within. My art work is colorful and full of love.  I love colors and every color have their deeper meaning.

I have been aware of my spiritual path for many years and this helps to see the life from different aspects and gracefully embrace it. I am also an energy healer and I put all the good energy into my paintings.

Every art work have their tiny stories. I process my feelings and clean my life through them. It is very relaxing and good therapy.

My mission is to spread love, hope, inspiration, joy,  happiness, and blessings to other people through my art work.

About my treatments:

In this moment I have a little break of doing treatments.


I wish joy into your life! ♥ 

Warm greetings,




No art studies, but I have participated in painting courses; dry painting technique-watercolours, Vedic art and watercolours.

Other studies: Alternative treatments; Reiki, energy healing  2013+2019, Indian head massage 2013, Chef 2006, Technical assistant 1983, Matriculation examination 1981

Work experience:

2018 Helsinki    Painting workshops 

2017 Helsinki    Art workshop “Find your own happiness” in Kannelmäki Library.  My workshop was one happening of Crossroads Art Evening.

Private exhibitions:

2020 Helsinki    paintings   Window exhibition, Kaken Kehys

2020 Helsinki    paintings   Spiritual Fair, Finlandia House

2019 Espoo       paintings   Kohtaamo meeting space, Iso Omena Service centre

2017 Helsinki    paintings   Restaurant day, Art Cafe Ruusuntarha

2017 Helsinki    paintings   Night of the Arts, Home Gallery Ruusuntarha Art

2015 Helsinki    paintings   Cafe Alejandra

Group exhibitions:

2021 Helsinki    paintings   Galleria Fogga



For more information, please send an email to ruusun.tarha@gmail.com, thank you!