Welcome to Ruusuntarha

My name is Minna. I am an alternative therapist, artist, professional chef, and a mother. I have many years of life experience and I have been doing customer service over 30 years.

Nowadays, I focus on creating relaxed and healing experiences through alternative treatments for my clients. I help individuals establish a new and healthier paths for their lives, help people see things from new perspectives, and to believe in their unique abilities and skills-raising up the inherent good that is inside of all of us.

When you focus on living in the moment, you can enjoy life in the present, appreciating all the abundance and blessings that are given to you every day. You can increase your gratitude and happiness, and you can see the beauty and love that is inside of you.

Welcome to my site! I look forward to hearing from you.





* Indian head massage       –  http://indianchampissage.co.uk/
* Prananadi healing             –  based on tibetian monks secret healing method,  www.prananadi.org
* Reiki healing                       –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiki

* Oneness                              –  http://www.oo.academy/

–  Oneness Deeksha is an Oneness blessing, an energy transferring for opening your heart for the     Supreme Light and Love, that helps you connect with your true self. A feeling that you are one with God and with everyone and everything around you.

* Neck-shoulder-head-massage

– relaxing massage that helps to release the painful and tense muscles and provide better night’s sleep and the vitality.



I also provide childcare and home assistance to the elderly in their homes assisting them with daily work. Sometimes we go out to have some fun; culture or music.


I paint intuitive art. They are also for sale. 


If you are living in Finland, then you can purchase some of my paintings from here:



I organize events and teach Indian head massages in small group workshops.



For more information, please send an email to ruusun.tarha@gmail.com, thank you!